Range and Safety Orientation Fun Quiz

agc range safety and orientation certificateTest your knowledge of the AGC orientation and AGC Range Rules (Updated Jan 21, 2020).

It’s easy to ace this range safety and orientation “fun” quiz.  Look at the hints that show all the answers, if you need to.  New members are encouraged to test their knowledge along with downloading the new members document packet that contains the club application and range rules.

An 8×11 completion certificate with your club name is sent by e-mail with your test score as our way for thanking for learning skills needed to make your trip to the range safe.   The e-mail you receive will also contain all the questions that you answered incorrectly, the answer you provided, and the correct answer. 

Enter your first and last name, e-mail address, and club affiliation to begin the quiz. You may also enter any business name for the club entry or leave club blank if you are not yet in a club. Whatever you enter for club will be shown on the certificate and be e-mailed to you.

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1. What is the maximum allowed ammunition load on the trap range?
2. When is smoking on the range around black powder and black powder substitutes not allowed?
3. Which of these statements is correct for the indoor pellet range?
4. Which of these statements is correct for shooting .177 pellets in the indoor pellet range?
5. Which statement is correct for shooting .22 pellet in the indoor pellet range?
6. On which range(s) is an orange flag required to be displayed forward of the firing positions when anyone is downrange?
7. When targets are placed between 7-15 yards on the pistol range, the shooter must ensure proper target height such that fired rounds does not strike anywhere between the firing line and
8. Pictures, caricatures or illustrations depicting real people may not be used as targets.
9. The firing line is
10. Select all the correct answers. Semiautomatic strings may be fired on any range at a rate that allows
11. Select all that apply. On AGC ranges, firearms are considered loaded when:
12. The 10 rightmost lanes on the 100 yard Barnes range
13. Lanes to the left of lane 57 (orange column) are opened
14. Select the correct answer pertaining to shooting at steel targets.
15. People may stay in the pits between ceasefires on the 200-yard range only during organized shoots under the control of a designated Match Director.
16. On the 200-Yard Range when using the AGC target frames and multiple targets, the mounting of the aiming point cannot be less than
17. The protective berms on the pistol range
18. Pick the best answer. Always keep your finger off the trigger
19. If a firearm fails to fire, the muzzle shall remain pointed at the impact area for at least how many seconds before remedial action is taken?
20. Select "ALL" the statements below that are correct when transporting firearms to the concrete pad?
21. When shooting handicaps for trap, shooters may shoot from a staggered position not to exceed
22. Sky drawing is the practice of drawing the bow back while aiming above the target before lowering the aim point down onto the target and is
23. Prior to loading black powder firearms, shooters using muzzle loading rifles or pistols shall fire caps on all nipples of percussion firearms or a pan full of powder in a flintlock while pointing the firearm downrange.
24. Pick the correct answer. Containers of black powder propellant shall be
25. Muzzle loading firearms using granulated propellant "may have" the propellant poured into the muzzle directly from a powder can "not exceeding 1/2 pound" of black powder.
26. Select all of the following statements that apply when badge holders bring guest to the range.
27. Select all of the following that apply when a badge holder must leave the firing line when he has guests.
28. Range badges shall be worn exposed at all times when shooting. They may not be loaned or transferred. The AGC reserves the right to request additional photo identification to confirm identity. Non shooting members shall display their range badge or current AGC club membership card when on range property.
29. The decisions of the Range Safety Officers (RSOs) are not subject to dispute during range operations. Arguing with, or refusing to follow the directions of a RSO may result in the offender being sent home and having their range badge impounded.  Any action or decision of a RSO may be brought to the attention of your Club Officers for disposition or appeal.
30. Alcohol consumption is not permitted on or near any AGC firing area, and permitted in the Barnes Range House and Memorial Hall only.  Alcohol may be consumed only after shooting is completed and firearms have been secured. Anyone who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will not be allowed on AGC property.
31. During a Cease Fire, all uncased firearms shall remain unloaded and pointed downrange or racked in an upright position with actions open, magazines removed, and ECI’s in place. Except ECI use is optional for muzzle-loaded firearms and shotguns on the trap range.
32. During a Cease Fire, stay behind the white line and do not touch your firearm when not pulling or posting targets. When weather permits the RSO's may ask the shooters to step back off the concrete pad.
33. Tracer, incendiary ammunition or exploding targets
34. Shooters shall clean up their area and police their brass and shotshell hulls when finished shooting and firearms are not being handled.
35. Targets and Target Frames must not be capable of deflecting a projectile in an unsafe direction.
36. Select the correct answer. When AGC metal frames are used on the Pistol Range
37. Select the correct answer. Firearms used in all trap events
38. Check ALL that APPLY. If you squeeze the trigger and get an unexpected "click and no bang", a "pop and no kick", or an abnormal sound or weak recoil you
39. If at any time when the line is hot people are seen on the range, or if animals are seen downrange near anyones target and that person doesn't seem to be aware that the animal is in that persons line of fire while the line is hot, you should call immediately for a cease fire.
40. Hours of Operation for AGC Ranges. SELECT ALL THAT APPLY.
41. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. All of us have an obligation to police their shooting neighbors and help them follow the safety rules.  If a polite reminder does not have the desired effect or is poorly received, please report the violation to a RSO.  Safety First, Safety Last, Safety Always!
42. Why are the AGC range hours strictly enforced?
43. Pick the correct answer concerning AGC's history.
44. Parking is permitted in designated areas as posted.  Driving onto any of the ranges is prohibited unless prior permission is granted by the RSO or Executive VP.
45. An explanation of the organization is that the AGC is governed by a Board of Trustees, comprised of fifteen voting members elected by the Charter clubs who originally formed the Association. The Board of Trustees meets monthly to act on AGC business. The AGC was chartered by and for its member clubs, and functions and exists to (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY):
46. The AGC range facility is located on sixty acres in northwest Baltimore County, at the junction of Marriottsville Road and Wards Chapel Road. The range offers all clubs' members, their families and guests a safe, maintained, and clean location to enjoy the shooting sports year round. The AGC range offers (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)
47. Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety: 1. Assume that all guns are always loaded. 2. Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to shoot. 3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you are ready to shoot. 4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
48. All firearms being brought to or transported on range property shall be unloaded, with the exception of firearms worn only under applicable Maryland law, and within the constraints and conditions of your carry permit.  Select all that apply.  Unloaded means:
49. “Guests” are defined as a friend, acquaintance, family member or prospective member who you invite to the range for recreational purposes and that provide no compensation. If compensation is received in any way, then the activity falls under the Chapter XV, Certified Instructor Organization (CIO's), vetting and operating procedures as posted on the AGC website.
50. Which photo(s) represent how the firearm should look during a cease fire to show that it is unloaded?

Cease Fire
51. Select "ALL" ammunition calibers listed below that are NOT allowed on the pistol range per Chapter X in the policies and procedures.
52. On the pistol range, rifle caliber handguns are
53. Select all that apply.  On what range(s) are the portable shooting benches required to be positioned so that the front legs are at the forward edge of the Concrete Pad prior to shooting?
54. On the shotgun patterning range shooting slugs, steel shot larger than BBB, and lead shot larger than #2 is
55. Select all that apply.  Trap shooters shall unload and rack their shotguns
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