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Bullseye Pistol League

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Associated Gun Clubs
11518 Marriottsville Road
Marriottsville, MD 21074

Bring a pistol, at least 90 rounds of ammo, 2 mags, a staple gun, pen, and masking tape.

If you never have been to the Tuesday night league, try to get there around 5 pm so you can introduce yourself to Ed Grove who runs this league and he can set you up with a partner.

You will be shooting at 25 yards at 9 targets.

  • 3 targets will be slow fire, 10 rounds each target, 10 minutes per target.
  • 3 targets will be timed fire, 10 rounds each target, six five shoot strings, 20 seconds per string.
  • 3 targets will be rapid fire, sixfive shot strings, 10 seconds per string.

Both the timed and rapid fire strings are turning targets to make it interesting. We finish up the league at around 8:00 PM.

The AGC league is open to the general public. Costs $3 and targets are included. The range and targets will be lit.

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Bullseye Pistol League