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Rimfire Pumpkin Carving Shoot

9:00 am - 12:30 pm

This is a highly artistic event that will be fired on a closed pistol range by moving the firing line downrange past the 25 yard berm will allow targets to be placed on sawhorses in front of the impact area.  Garrison members and guest are welcome to participate. You must bring your own pumpkins.

Course of Fire:

  • .22 rim fire pistols/rifles only.
  • This match shall be fired at pumpkins placed on sawhorses immediately in front of the impact area.
  • We will use tables from memorial hall positioned about 15 yards in front of the impact area to lay the firearms on. The front edge of the tables will establish the firing line.
  • All firing shall be from standing or from sitting on a chair stool position.
  • There will be a plastic tarp in front of, under, and behind the pumpkins to allow easy clean-up to return the range the way it was before the shoot.

Supplemental Range Rules

  1. All gun handling will be done only on a hot range and in full view of the Garrison Club Match Director.
  2. Match Director will be in command at all times. Anyone failing to follow their commands will be directed to leave.
  3. When not in use, firearms shall be unloaded and have an empty magazine well with the action open and ECI inserted. Anyone found in violation of this rule shall be immediately escorted by the Match Director to a suitable safe area where appropriate corrective action shall be made.
  4. When loading or reloading during a course of fire, the shooters trigger finger shall be visibly outside the trigger guard and the firearm shall be pointed safely down range at all times.
  5. Members that bring guest shall accompany their guest(s) to the Barnes Range House, where the guest(s) will sign in on the log provided and be issued a Guest badge.
  6. Guest badges shall be in the possession of the person it was issued to and readily visible at all times while on AGC property.
  7. The member is responsible for returning the Guest Badge to AGC when leaving the property.
  8. Members are responsible for and shall supervise their guest(s) at ALL TIMES.
  9. Members with guests may only occupy one firing point and ONLY ONE PERSON in your party may fire at a time.
  10. The member bringing the guest is responsible for ensuring that their guests are conversant with and obey all range rules.

For more information, contact Chris at cmkilgalen@gmail.com

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Rimfire Pumpkin Carving Shoot