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Smallbore Rifle Fun Shoot & Picnic

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Our club small-bore rifle fun shoot and picnic begins at 10am on the 100 Yard Barnes Range. We expect to wrap up at 3pm. I hope to see a good turn out.  It is a great event to connect with fellow members.

You will be shooting a 14"x17" target at 50 yards from the bench rest position on the Barnes range. Target has 25 bullseyes and you get 30 minutes to shoot them, along with 4 practice shots to sight your rifle. You can use sand bags or your favorite rest to steady your aim. Bragging rights is the prize for the highest score. The club will have some target frames, but if you have a target frame, please bring it with you. You can use any class 22 rifle from hunting to competition, scoped or non scoped.

Food and Beverages provided by the club, as well as ammunition if you have none.

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Smallbore Rifle Fun Shoot & Picnic