2020 Honorary Membership Renewal

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Must be 70 years or older and have had at least 10 consecutive years regular membership in Garrison Rifle and Revolver Club.

  • Fast club membership renewal.
  • Lost membership cards are easy to resend quickly to your email. Just contact the club Secretary or fill out our contact us form.
  • Print membership card or show membership card sent to your email to the AGC Office Manager on your cell phone when purchasing a range badge.
Yes. Your information that you submit is encrypted. In addition, your credit card number is only provided to the payment gateway (Strip or PayPal). Garrison does not have access to any credit card numbers.
Usually the same day, but up to 1 week. Here's the process:
  • You will receive 2 e-mails.
    • Our shop software automatically sends you an e-mail about a minute after your payment that we are processing the order. At the same time that you receive the Processing Order Receipt, the shop software also sends the club officers an e-mail that it received an order along with the details. THE PROCESSING ORDER RECEIPT IS NOT USEABLE FOR RENEWING A RANGE BADGE.
    • The club Secretary then reviews the order and when the person is verified as a Member or Honorary Member against the club roster, the order is then completed. You will receive an e-mail from the shop software that is your completed order receipt. This 2nd e-mail (completed order receipt) is your membership card.
    • The below is an example of a membership card sent with your completed order receipt (2nd e-mail) that can printed. It will have 2021 stamped on the card, not 2019.
Yes. The completed order receipt states that it is a Garrison Rifle & Revolver club membership card and that you can use it to buy an Associated Gun Clubs range badge.

NOTE:  The AGC will not renew range badges unless you had a range badge in the prior 2 years. If you did not have a range badge for 2019 or after, check the Garrison events calendar for range and safety orientation dates and we will take care of you.
The payment gateway (Stripe or PayPal) charges us a fee on every order. What's left over helps offset the cost to host the website.We do not charge an online fee for Honorary Members and they are not asked for payment information. We process Honorary Members directly. If you are an honorary member that is over 70 years old and has 10 consecutive years regular membership click here
Yes, you can still renew your Garrison club membership online, but the order form requires an entry for the range badge number field. So, you have to put something in there.

The range badge number is the 4 digit number on your AGC range badge photo ID and remains the same every year. So, even if your last one was several years ago you should use that number.
  • Here's some examples of what to enter if you lost or never had an AGC photo range badge.
    • If you never before purchased an AGC range badge you can enter "None" on the online order form.
    • If you lost your AGC range badge and can't find the number enter "Lost" on the online order form.
    • If you NEVER had and do not plan to get a range badge enter something like "None
    • If your last range badge was the old button type range badge enter something like "Last badge number / Year"
Not a problem. Contact the club secretary or fill out our contact us form. Your membership card that you purchased online and easy to resend to your e-mail. There is no extra charge.
Contact the club secretary or fill out our contact us form. We have your join date on file and know if you qualify for a honorary membership.
We prefer not to because the your membership card is e-mailed to you. When the order is completed you can print out and cut the section that looks like a membership card. It saves a lot admin work. With over 400 members in the club, we are trying to work smarter not harder. The AGC accepts the e-mailed card for range badge renewals. Print it out or show it to them from your smart phone.If you want a membership card sent to your house you should send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to 3618 Granite Rd, Woodstock, MD 21163.
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