Join Garrison Rifle and Revolver Club – Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore Maryland

Confirmed RSVP is required due to classroom size restrictions related to COVID-19.  

Rain or Shine. Location, dates, and time: 

  • Date and Time: Saturday, November 7th, 2020 from 10 am to 1 pm – Next day to join and receive the required Range and Safety Orientation.   Contact Mike Butterfield at to receive confirmed RSVP.  Must arrive by 10 am.
  • Location: Barnes lower classroom in the Barnes Range House located behind the 100 yard range for check-in.  See map and directions below.

New member orientation packet (What to bring, what to do first)

  • Garrison Membership Application (Fill out, print, and bring with you if you can. Preferred way). Note: Garrison will have extra copies of the club application if you can not print one for the new member sign up and range & safety orientation.
  • Bring facemark
  • Bring hearing protection for range walkthrough portion of range and safety orientation. (Foam plugs will do.)
  • $50 cash or check made out to Garrison Rifle and Revolver Club, Inc. for 2021 club membership.  This new member price includes a one time $30 initiation fee.  Note: After joining the club renewal cost each year is only $20
  • We are a NRA affiliated club (#C2875). NRA membership is not required, but highly encouraged. Without the NRA we wouldn’t still have the 2nd Amendment and many other excellent shooting programs that they organize. Click here to join, renew, or extend and get a $10 – $40 club discount.

Once you become a member:

After joining Garrison Rifle and Revolver Club and completing the range and safety orientation on your join date, the cost for the 2021 AGC range badge is $200.  2021 AGC range badge sales begin December 1, 2020.  Club membership and a range badge makes it possible for you to shoot on the range whenever it is open.  

  • Range Rules (Study. You will need to know the range rules after the orientation and before you get your range badge. Note: If you have time before you get your range badge try our range safety fun quiz. The answers are right in the hints.
  • Family range badge discount: The total cost for a spouse that joins with you, and also purchases a range badge is only $117 ($50 Club Cost and $67 range badge) for 2021. The same additional cost applies to other immediate family members that live at your address between the ages of 18 – 23 years old.
  • Guest range badge: A club member with a range badge can get bring guest(s) to the range and shoot for $10 per guest. The guest(s) must be fully supervised by you and obtain a guest badge from the AGC office . This means that you can not shoot when they are shooting. Only one guest in your party may shoot at a time.
  • Membership in Garrison Rifle & Revolver Club provides club members the opportunity to purchase firearms and ammunition from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) at subsidized prices suitable for target training.

Directions: Click here for Google Map directions from your location.

  • Use the AGC Lane entrance to get to the Memorial Hall Building on the Trap Range or Wards Chapel Road to get to the Pistol and 100 Yard Range.
  • Address: 11518 Marriottsville Road, Marriottsville, MD 21104.

Over 500 members. Garrison Rifle and Revolver club is a great club to join if you want to improve your marksmanship skills, take part in competitive events, or shoot at a safe place on your schedule.

Prospective members that are US citizens or legal residents of the United States, and 18 years or older can apply to join.

The club officers correspond with members through our newsletter about club shooting events, meetings, and renewal notices. Once you become a member you will be added to our club newsletter. We send about 1-2 newsletters by e-mail a month. Should you drop your membership you can unsubscribe at the link included with every newsletter.

See you at the range,

Mike Butterfield
Vice President, Garrison Rifle and Revolver Club

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