Garrison Rifle & Revolver Club

Garrison Rifle and Revolver Club

It’s time to renew for 2017.  Click here.

Want to join Garrison Rifle & Revolver Club?

We are currently accepting new members in Garrison Rifle & Revolver club and it is easy to join.  Cost for new members is $50. Most noteworthy is the annual renewal costs after you join, which is only $20 a year. Furthermore, members age 70 or older with ten consecutive years of membership are Honorary Members and are not required to pay club dues.

So, now the good part.   The next opportunity to join Garrison and to attend our 2017 range and safety orientation is Saturday 17th, 2016 at 10 am.  First, please E-mail to confirm your attendance for this date.  Finally, click here for the new membership packet.  In conclusion, members completing our 2017 range and safety orientation on Dec 17th will get a 2017 Garrison club membership card.  That membership card will allow you to buy a 2017 range badge to shoot on the Associated Gun Clubs ranges starting on Dec 17th, 2016 through January 31st 2018.

Our Members

More than 500 members.  A significant number of our members take part in Bullseye Pistol, High Power Rifle, Smallbore Rifle, and also Trap competitions.  In addition, Garrison offers training and classes and promotes marksmanship and good sportsmanship for all ages and abilities.

Charter voting club of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc

Garrison Rifle & Revolver club is one of the fifteen charter voting clubs of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc that includes more than thirty clubs.   The Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore Maryland is located in Marriottsville Maryland at 11518 Marriottsville Road.

Club History

Incorporated in 1943, Garrison formed as a Minuteman club as the result of World War II.  The club members performed volunteer guard duty for power stations, reservoirs, and other strategic installations.  After peace came to the world, club members’ attention shifted to finding a suitable place to build a range for target practice and to hold competitive matches.  On July 1, 1944, Garrison Rifle & Revolver members were instrumental in forming the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. (AGC) and purchasing the original acreage to found the Marriottsville Range on Marriottsville Road.

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