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Range Work Day – Free 2016 Range Badge drawing at 12:30

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Hi all,

We will be having Range Day II on Sunday, October 18th from 8am until Noon.

We made so much progress last time, that I believe after this second range work day, the AGC will be in better shape than it has been. We will have food available again, hopefully an early breakfast and then lunch after we are done. Plan on breakfast being ready for those early birds (6:30 ish) and have everyone in position to start work at 8am. Lunch will be available starting at noon. Please chip in a small donation to help offset the costs of food if you can.

All of the ranges will be closed until noon. We really need your help. One thing slightly different this time will be the assigning of tasks. Last time we just had everyone work where they wanted which was fine because there was so much to do. This time we want a more focused approach.

Please send a message to Pat Koehler at volunteers@associatedgunclubs.org with their commitment, special skills, and possible tools you can loan. Please any strong preference to a particular range you'd like to work on. We can try, but can't guarantee any assignment with a few exceptions who know who they are. We do hope to get a lot of painting done this round, weather permitting. Of course there are plenty of other projects too.

As an added bonus and blatant bribery, The AGC is offering the two top clubs who have the most members show up, FREE CLUB DUES ($50) for 2016. In addition, one lucky person who works the entire shift of 8- noon will be randomly drawn for a FREE 2016 RANGE BADGE, a $160 value! Drawing to be held at 12:30pm. Must be present to win.

Remember ALL hours worked will be credited towards your 2016 range badge, so the four hours is worth $16 off. If you participated in both range days, you'll be getting $32 off. That would make your badge just $128. Of course all hours volunteered this year will be credited, not just range day work.

We WILL have the best range in the entire mid-Atlantic area, possibly even the entire East coast if we maintain our community spirit, volunteerism, and commitment to excellence! We hope to have exact assignments planned out in advance so everyone will know what there job is before they arrive.

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Range Work Day - Free 2016 Range Badge drawing at 12:30