Garrison wins trophy in A Class for 22 rimfire pistol

Garrison Rifle & Revolver Club participated in a Police L Match at Harrisburg Hunters & Anglers Association in Harrisburg, PA on September 17th and 18th.  The match was attended by more than 140 competitors from many clubs. Garrison Rifle & Revolver Club won a 3rd place trophy in the A Class for a 5 member team shooting the 22 rimfire pistol match.  Pictured below is the Garrison Rifle & Revolver Club 5 member 22 rimfire pistol team.

Garrison Rifle and Revolver

From left to right: Ed Grove (Garrison Pistol Executive), Sean Klipple (Shot a perfect 300/300 with 26 X’s), Steve Levin (Garrison President), Carmello Fertitta and Mike Butterfield (Garrison Vice President)

Two other Garrison members, Frank Zupancic and Christopher Kilgalen also competed at the Police L Match in Harrisburg, PA.  Next year we hope to put together 2 five man teams.





Mike Butterfield

Vice President of Garrison Rifle and Revolver Club

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